BlueLiquidLeft Howard Integration Systems Ltd.

Howard Integration Systems is a small company that has been set up to provide software development resources and consultancy services in middleware solutions for organisations in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Services include:

offering IT consultancy engagements, short or long term
undertaking troubleshooting work to solve performance issues
developing software tools for monitoring integration environments
developing software tools for mobile phones

Specialising in:

Oracle products, e.g. SOA Suite, Server, Service Bus, Tuxedo
former BEA products, e.g. WLS, ALSB, Tuxedo, MessageQ
Mainframe Connectivity, in particular CICS and IMS
Mainframe Migration to Tuxedo ART
interfaces using Java, C, C++, DotNet C#, WLST
Android mobile phone applications using Java and C


Nigel Howard, BSc

- IT expert for Middleware solutions, troubleshooter and software developer

- specialises in helping customers deliver secure, reliable and performance tuned software solutions, and inspiring a new generation of budding IT specialists.

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